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corporate yoga & wellness


An in-house yoga wellness program can positively impact your bottom line by investing in your company’s most valuable resource: your employees.

The health and well-being of your employees has a direct impact on their productivity. When they feel well physical and mentally, they are more likely to work with greater enthusiasm. Sick days are reduced. Morale improves. This can lead to greater contentment within the company as a whole, reducing turnover and creating a sense of loyalty and commitment.

Furthermore, studies have shown that businesses with on-site fitness programs have seen a profound decrease in health-care costs: as much as 75% in some instances (US Department of Health and Human Services). The regular practice of Yoga provides a whole-being approach, so that the practitioner learns a wide range of preventative self-care maintenance tools. This creates a sense of personal health responsibility that keeps sickness at bay, and thereby reduces the average number of doctor’s visits. 

A corporate yoga program can help your employees feel better immediately. Relief from complaints such as headache, backache and mental stress can be found in the first few sessions. Continued practice can yield better strength, posture, mental efficiency, focus and creativity. A long-term practice can create a sense of community and social responsibility within the group. In essence, this simple commitment to your employees can create a wide-range of positive and over-arching effects to the business as a whole.

What this looks like for you:

We will come to the office and make an assessment of the group as a whole, determining what is the smartest course of action in order to best serve your staff. Classes may be energizing and active, or slow and meditative. The best time of day will be determined, according to your office’s natural rhythms; this may be early morning, late afternoon, or mid-day. We will assess the overall mental state of the group and suggest meditation practices to help create better cohesion. Once a unique program has been developed to meet your business’ unique needs, each participant will set measurable health goals to promote a sense of personal responsibility and accountability.

Within the first six months of participation, we will effect evaluations and critical feedback. This enables us to make any necessary changes to the program so that we can ensure that every participant is being served to the very best of our ability. At this point, we wish to survey the staff about their experience and their future needs. We also wish to hear from the employers and what they have seen as a result of the program.

On-going support is, of course, available at any time. We believe that this is a relationship—between Sanchin and you, the employer, as well as each and every employee. Our goal is to create long-lasting results by creating healthful habits through the dedicated practice of yoga.