2018 curriculum & Fees


The Sanchin Institute is pleased to be offering an intensive yoga program locally on Marco Island, FL .This program is a comprehensive course of study featuring many styles of the practice, as well as many study opportunities for the spiritual seeker. While best approached as a whole commitment, this program is available in Modules. Every student has the option of testing for a YA Certified 200 hour Teaching Certificate. Or, students and teachers alike may choose to register for a specific section to enhance their on-going experience of their existing practice. This program begins in November of 2018 and will be hosted by Soul Shine Yoga Studio. We encourage you to contact us with any questions, and to visit this lovely studio yourself.       

Module 1 November 17-18

The History of Yoga—from East to West

Yamas, Niyamas & the Eight Limb Path

Pranayama—LDB, stroke breathing, alternate breathing

The core practice of yoga is breathwork, or, pranayama. It is how the energy flows through the systems to create the experience of the divine. In this course, you will explore the 3 basic styles of breath and come to understand when and where to apply each technique for desired results.

This is a practicum session. You will be doing LOTS of breathing in many different fashions. We will master the long deep breath. Then we will fire up the systems with stroke breathing. Then we will level it all out with alternate breathing. Please be prepared for altered states of mind, and allow yourself time before and after to integrate the results. Come nether hungry nor full, but rather comfortable satiated.

The Nature of the Mind; Meditation in action

How does the mind work? What is its natural structure? How do we hear it, listen to it, work with it? Discover all this and more as we dive into a detailed map of the mind in an effort to find meditative states. Learn how to work with—not against—the mind in an effort to find internal stillness and peace.

There will be discussion, notes and a practical silent sit.

Kunda-Gentle Practice


Module 2 December 1-2

The 10 bodies, 5 sheathes and 4 winds

Chakras: Beyond the Rainbow

Learn the energy centers of the body, how to feel them, how to discover hidden meaning within them, and how to manipulate them for maximum energetic flow. Move beyond the common chakra knowledge and into a true esoteric understanding of these portals that live inside the energetic matrix.

Parallels will be drawn between chakras, bodies, sheathes, vayus and our real-life experience of them. Come prepared to sit, take notes, breathe and explore.

Yoga Nidra One

Mudras & Bandhas, the art of seals and locks

The body is a complex and lovely system of energetic highways, byways and pathways. On its own, it does a fascinating job of moving the prana where it needs to go for health and healing. However, we have the capacity to direct this energy flow through very simple and basic movements that allow you to become the arbiter of your energetic matrix.

Mudras are simple connections made as gestures of the fingers and hands. Bandhas are locks created through easy interior lifts and tucks. In this session, we will learn the most powerful of these gestures so that you can begin to explore your own power and manage your own needs on a super conscious level. This class involves a lot of sitting and subtle movement; come prepared to be still, take notes and feel in.

Kundalini Practice


Module 3 January 5-6

Anatomy & Physiology through Thai touch

Anatomy is a practical science that must be applied to be retained. Simply learning names and locations of the muscles, bones and joints will not provide you with an understanding of their practical function. Everything is connected, and the technology of Thai bodywork is a superior vehicle for learning precisely how. In this module we will explore the body through passive movement and physical touch. All scientific aspects of anatomy will be discussed, as you move your hands around each and every part. This helps to create a visceral, muscle memory so that you can retain the information on many practical levels.

This is a physical practice that involves touch. You will give Thai; You will receive That. Come prepared to learn, move, receive, take notes and practice. Wear yoga clothes that are snug fitting.


Module 4 January 19-20

Meridians and Sen Lines—the subtle channels of prana and chi

Yin Yoga—theory, asana & integration

Yin yoga is familiar and yet utterly unique. In this exploration of the practice, we will look at where the similarities diverge between this practice and the more popular Gentle and Hatha styles. Common Yin poses will be analyzed and practiced to put a deep muscle memory into your system so that you can call upon them at any time and at any point in your practice.

Yin is a slow, but intense practice. Don’t be fooled by its surface gentleness. This is a physical practice workshop with hands on adjustments, critiques and discussion. Come prepared to move, observe, take notes and share.

The Art of Bhakti—gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon

While yoga itself in not a Hindu practice, the cultural closeness of these two systems cannot be ignored. The Hindu pantheon has made itself at home in the yoga studio in the form of images, icons and mantras, so let us begin to explore who these characters are. Where did the come from? What do they represent? And, How can they best be used? Through the art of history and storytelling, you will learn the gods and goddesses of this fascinating culture, their role in the creation of our world and our practice.

This is a mythological exploration of many different stories and songs to help us understand the faith system that helped define a practice we all love.

Kunda Gentle Practice

Mantras, mantras, mantras: Sanskrit & Gurmekhi

The art of mantra is one of moving energy along the many pressure points along the roof of the mouth to unlock hidden channels of power. This, in conjunction with the breath and the recitation of devotions to God, brings about brilliant mental states of clarity and peace.

In this workshop, we will learn the power mantras of the Sanscrit/ Hatha practice, as well as the ones of Gurmekhi/ Kundalini Yoga. You will walk away with an understating of pronunciation, meaning and usage of these divine words so that you can apply them into your life. Come prepared to sit, take notes and sing.


 Module 5 February 2-3

The five families of asana

The Perfect Warmups—Postures and dynamic movements to prepare the body for asana. Includes a thorough study of the Sun Salutation

Hatha asana building blocks for healthy beginners—Traditional poses as structural yoga components

Visit the classic Sivananda yoga beginner’s sequence. These 13 poses are a critical set of building blocks for understanding asana as a whole, as they cover the basic movement patterns that underlie all yoga postures. By knowing these classic poses, you will give yourself a foundation that allows you to explore the entire canon of yoga asana with confidence.

This is a physical practice workshop with hands on adjustments, critiques and discussion. Come prepared to move, observe, take notes and share.

Yoga Nidra One

Hatha Kundalini Practice—open to the public

Asana Continued

Continue your study of classic Hatha and Vinyasa through the understanding of transitions. We will cover standing poses and traditional, conventional sequencing of a vinyasa flow. This is a physical practice workshop with hands on adjustments, critiques and discussion. Come prepared to move, observe, take notes and share.

Yoga Nidra Two


Module 6 March 2-3

Gentle Yoga Asana Basics

Restorative Yoga Asana Basics

Modifications galore—when and how to use props

From Traditional to Gentle—how to transition appropriately

Practical sequencing for all levels

The art of Cueing and Phrasing


Module 7 March 9-10

Teaching mechanics—reading the room, sequencing on the fly, changing direction mid-class

Peer teaching and review

The business of yoga

Practical ethics

Peer teaching and testing—by video

Final exam due


Fee per student $3500 for 200 hours of study to include yoga at Soul Shine Yoga Studio

·       If paid in installments--$1000 down--$500 per month

·       Certified yoga teacher “refresh”-- $2000 for 5 modules

·       CEU credits $650 for any weekend module

·       CEU credits $100 for any mini-module **so noted

·       CEU credits for 3 anatomy modules $550

·       CEU credits for one-day style modules $350 ***so noted





 Two month free trial (martial arts only)

$3000 per year thereafter includes classes

No cost for grading


$90 for 90 minute introductory session & assessment

$400 thereafter for 4 block of sessions to be used in 6 weeks

$650 thereafter for 8 block of sessions to be used in 10 weeks

$750 for 10 block to be used in 12 weeks

$125 per hour for individual sessions

Sessions can be used for up to 3 people, every additional student add $15 per session.


 $100 per class, $150 if over 20 students

If more than 4 times per  month we offer 10% discount

If more than 8 times per month we offer 20% discount

 All individuals in corporate yoga get 10% of private fee schedule.