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Executive private yoga

We understand that group classes aren’t for everyone. Be it a greater need for privacy, or a preference for personal attention, many students have neither the time nor the desire to join a conventional class.  We also understand that many professionals do not have common times available to them.  Travel, or a heavily scheduled day may make it challenging to find time for a conventional practice.  Executives have a very specific set of needs, and it can be hard to meet them through common offerings. Our Executive Yoga Program was created to provide solutions for these very problems.

The practice of yoga can be of great benefit to those in high-power, high-stress professions. The addition of the practice to a daily routine has been shown to aid an individual in a number of empowering ways.

·       Yoga helps to create focus, memory and mental discipline

·       It commonly relieves stress and increases patience

·       One develops mindfulness, presence and acuity

·       Mental relaxation and physical rejuvenation are increased

·       Sleep and energy are improved

·       Repetitive motion injuries from office posture and computing can be corrected

·       Fitness levels are increased

·       Flexibility and mobility are maintained regardless of age

Simple tools and techniques are learned to aid in all areas of a professional’s daily life. Each session will be custom tailored to your specific needs, with a focus on progressing basic movement skills and instilling a continued sense of mental stillness. We focus on the entire person and how we can bring satisfaction to all aspects of life, using the best practices for long-term benefits.          

The first order of business will be to determine what your specific goals are.

·       What health goals are you seeking to achieve?

·       What daily stresses or repetitive motions are you looking to clear?

·       What do you need to feel more in comfortable in your body and in your life?

·       What represents measurable success to you?

Then we will set about crafting a program to address all the issues, working with and around your busy schedule. Sanchin expects some early morning sessions, office lunch sessions, or later evening sessions in order to work with you in the execution of your practice. Additionally, you will have access to a private yoga channel of videos, so that you may continue your practice while traveling. Once we begin, we consider ourselves a partner in your achievements and look forward to developing a long-term relationship.