martial arts

The martial arts tradition at the Sanchin Institute is primarily derived from goju ryu karate founded by Chogun Miyagi. This classical style spread from Okinawa to mainland Japan and then to the rest of the world. Goju ryu, meaning hard-soft style, focuses on a balance between expansion-contraction, inhalation-exhalation, and hardness-softness of technique. This goal of balancing opposites is notably found in two of the most important kata (forms) within the goju style: Sanchin and Tensho. Sanchin being a "hard" kata and Tensho focusing on the "soft".  As our goal is to help practitioners find the balance between hardness and softness in all aspects of their life, we find the training in goju ryu to be an important element in this search. 

While the core martial arts curriculum of the Sanchin Institute will be in goju ryu, supplementary kata and weapons training from other styles will be integrated in order to add perspective and a greater understanding to the practitioners training. 

We view traditional karate as a do, a way, to personal introspection, reflection and improvement of ourselves and the world around us. While traditional karate is most definitely a fighting art and a practical means of self defense, stopping at solely the physical aspects would do a disservice to the mental and spiritual skills that it can endow to its practitioners. The Sanchin Institute does not philosophically ascribe to the belief that martial arts should be for show, sport or other sort of competition. Traditional karate is a means of self-defense and personal development. Our core belief is that training, whether in martial arts, yoga or meditation, is not something that is solely practiced in the dojo. In order for training to be effective, practitioners must be able to integrate their training into their everyday lives.  In this way,  our practice becomes the foundation for how we move in the world and handle everything that it gives us. 

Karate can help control our fight or flight response, so that when we are triggered--be it in the office, on the road, or in the home--we have the ability to act rather than react. Breath work, a fundamental foundation of both karate and yoga is at its core a mechanism for people to handle hectic stress reactions. We aim to bring this remarkable tool into your daily responses so that you have supreme control at the tip of your nose and can find a mindful center as quickly as possible in the most difficult of situations. 

In order to build these calm, collected reactions into your mind-body complex, we have designed our martial arts program to be difficult on all three aspects of your being. We are looking to create a sense of endurance that only increases as you continue to test it through your training. Our simple and focused class schedule enables you to implement a rhythmic routine into your personal schedule so that you may easily make the commitment to your practice and achieve the skills that you need.  Supplemental workshops and seminars allow you to enrich your weekly experience with new and diverse skill sets. 

It is the supreme goal of the Sanchin Institute martial arts program to ensure that its students find that amazing endurance that lives within us all. 

The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants.
— Gichin Funakoshi