Meditation is one of the three pillars of the Sanchin Institute.  With our focus on the development of mind, body and spirit meditation speaks to each one of these aspects.  Meditation can develop and hone the mind for better mental discipline and clearer thought.  It can develop the spirit by helping each of us look inwardly to develop our inner self and our relationship with the world around us.  Meditation can fundamentally help the physical body by slowing systems down, reducing stress and helping bring about physical wellbeing. Over the past few years much has been written in the media about meditation and mindfulness and the benefits for its practitioners.  The Sanchin Institute agrees with many of these articles touting the benefits of mindfulness and meditation and how it can benefit individuals in the workplace.


Meditation at the Sanchin Institute will be integrated into the training regimen.  Additionally, students will be urged to develop their own meditation practice and at times explore longer meditation sessions for further development.  While many see meditation that is something that is “Eastern” and solely the purview of Buddhists or Hindus this is far from the truth.  While those traditions have long made meditation a large part of their religion virtually every religion has some aspect of meditation within it.  Daily devotional prayers, periods of silence and more are the experiences of many faiths and are all, fundamentally, forms of meditation.  Secularists also have developed meditation practices of their own focusing on physical and mental benefits of meditation.  All of these are true.  We at the Sanchin Institute have found meditation to be a powerful tool in self-improvement and believe that integrating it into the curriculum is of utmost importance.