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Private Yoga 

Private Yoga & Small Group Sessions


Private lessons offer a solution for those who are just starting out and those who have a long-term practice. Each session is carefully created to ensure that both your needs and your progress are being attended. These sessions can be held in the privacy of our offices, or in the sanctuary of your own home.


Applicants for private training will be asked a series of questions, which include a physical assessment and a discussion of physical, mental and spiritual goals. Once we begin working with you, we enter a phase of constant assessment to be certain that each of these goals is attended to on an evolving basis. Your sessions can easily be geared towards fitness, weight loss, or health maintenance. They can also be easily geared towards a deeper spiritual practice. Our core curriculum beliefs are practical and efficient to meeting many diverse needs. Each of our teachers has many years of experience and are extremely adept at facilitating all aspects of the yoga practice.


This is the beauty of a private practice with Sanchin: we find what you need and work consistently towards your achievement bringing all of our skills to bear. For best results, we expect at the very minimum a one month commitment, meeting one time per week. Anything less fails to provide progress.


Private lessons include:

·       Physical, mental and spiritual assessment

·       Personal yoga goal setting

·       Full exploration of yoga science

·       Creation of a personal stress management skill set

·       Private space away from public view

·       Ease of scheduling

·       Bi-weekly check in calls to tweak any issues arising


We can also accommodate couples who wish to deepen a practice together, or small groups with like-minded goals.