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Yoga, at this moment in time, is experiencing an unprecedented rise in popularity. This has led to a broad diversification in style and focus, which is wonderful for the casual student who simply wants basic benefits.  Any yoga, all yoga, as it is currently being taught will afford the practitioner the most basic of relief from common ailments. You will lengthen your muscles. You will move your bones. You will feel more relaxed. One cannot but help to reap these simple effects. 

However, due to the "all levels" mentality of many gyms and studios, the deeper benefits of yoga cannot be fully explored. A beginning student may find himself deposited into a class for which he has no frame of reference or experience; this increases the likelihood that vital elements of the practice will be missed. An advanced student may be ignored because the teacher has other, less skilled, students to attend; this diminishes the chances of further advancement. The commercial nature of the yoga studio or wellness center creates gaps in the education of their student body.  Often, the prescribed remedy is an intensive teacher training, where all of these problems can be addressed. Yet, many students have no desire to take on such a program. 

We believe that the answer to this lie in redesigning the paradigm of  yoga teaching. The Sanchin Institute will not offer on-going group classes, but rather will focus on individual trainingcorporate group classes , executive clients and closed session seminars for our existing student base. This allows us to create a practice that has room for advancement at a pace that attends to individual needs while exploring the deep fundamentals of the science. The benefit of teaching in  this fashion is that we can create a program that specifically meets one's personal requirements, physical ability, mental state and emotional foundation. We can also create a tiered learning experience that builds to a deep knowledge and understanding of your personal practice. We create for you a personal toolbox that has within it the tools that you need to handle your life, using the full range of techniques that yoga provides. This is done in a straightforward, honest and practical fashion based on pre-determined goals and benchmarks. 

The yoga of Sanchin is practical at its core, focused on bringing a measurable sense of relief, patience, power and endurance. We wish for nothing more than to see these tools integrated into your life as a living examples of a complete practice.