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Our Yoga study is a series of closed session, structured courses designed to explore the full range of yoga study.

These classes are a closed series and look at many themes of classical yoga study. Each class has an asana component, so that the student can continue to progress through the physical poses of the practice. But each class in the series will address an aspect of yoga philosophy that cannot be adequately addressed in a general yoga class. Classes range from one and a half to two hours each and will meet for eight to twelve weeks. This allows you the time, space, and commitment to explore your practice more fully.

The subjects addressed are what you might find in a teacher training course. Asana anatomy, pranayama, mantra, mudra, bandha. Meditation, chakras, meridians. Bhakti, Shakti and the yoga of creation. Should you wish it, you can apply the hours of these courses to a teacher training program with us. Or, you can simply enrich your understanding of this practice for your own personal enjoyment.

Registration for courses is required and we expect a commitment to each class in the series. This is a tiered learning experience, meaning that every class builds upon the other. Taking this time for yourself to build an understanding of this vital spiritual practice will yield rewards far beyond the simple commitment of time.


1.     Yamas and Niyamas—8 weeks 1.5 hour classes

2.     Chakras—8 weeks 2 hour classes

3.     Bandhas—4 weeks, 1.5 hour classes

4.     Mantra—12 weeks, 1.5 hour classes

5.     Mudra—6 weeks 1.5 hour classes

6.     Pranayama—9 weeks 2 hours